Key project dates


Key dates
18th-19th December 2014 : Adoption of the Juncker Plan by the European Council
9th December 2014 : Meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) on the orientations of the Juncker Plan
8th December 2014 : SFTE Press meeting - On the eve of the ECOFIN Summit: Presentation of SFTE, an energy efficiency project at the heart of the Juncker Plan
2nd December 2014 : Common France-Germany communication on the European investment plan (link)
26th November 2014 : Communication of the European Commission on the Juncker Plan (link to the communication / time-frame)
4th November 2014 : Presentation of the results of the SFTE study and release of the Synthesis Report (link)
20th May 2014 : Presentation meeting of the study’s intermediary results
27th November 2013 : Official launch meeting of the SFTE study and beginning of the works
28th May 2013 : Design of the project and beginning of the mobilisation campaign of the SFTE Consortium
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