The SFTE project now calls for the rallying of all stakeholders, especially from European and MS public authorities.

1.       European Union

  • Public buildings to be selected as a quality investment programme for the EU
  • Creation of a dedicated task-force by the Commission; technical assistance programmes to MSs
  • Creation of a European knowledge-sharing platform: observatory network on energy expenses, renovations, EPCs, costs/savings, RFPs, energy-efficiency techniques, etc.
  • Fine-tuning of the Eurostat methodology to enable an accurate treatment of PPP-EPCs
  • Specific business plan and creation of the SFTE: bylaws, analysis of existing national state-guarantee mechanisms, potential shareholders, governance, team, regulator approval, etc.
  • EIB intervention and balance sheet optimisation: loans, equity (SFTE and/or SPVs), expertise, etc.
  • Calibration and assessment of the intrinsic risk profile of operations: National Central Banks & ECB

2.       National public authorities

  • National public building guidance and appraisal strategy, and strengthening of public project development capacity
  • Massive pipeline of projects selected and budgeted by national and local authorities, based on consumption track-records
  • Project implementation (PPP tenders); and evaluation and audit of projects (especially in EPCs)

3.       Industry players, SMEs, banks and institutional investors

  • Ramp-up of operations, productivity gains and development of a European industry
  • Securitisation Funds pooling medium-sized energy efficiency projects for investors
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