The SFTE’s proposed quality investment programme for an EU economic recovery plan

We have seen broad interest in our innovative proposals through our European contacts: the EIB, the European Commission (DGs ENER, CLIMA, MARKT, ECFIN and others), KfW, NGOs and so on.

The SFTE project calls for the rallying of public authorities in the EU and Member States. Their commitment is essential to improve public project management capacity, pool operations, promote economies of scale, standardise projects, and ultimately to significantly increase the volume of operations. According to the G20,  “Governments should build public sector institutional capability in project development and implementation, and foster greater knowledge sharing and transparency across levels of government, jurisdictions, the private sector and other stakeholders.”[1] In addition, energy saving performance commitments will provide for reliable and demanding public policy assessments. The programme should be widely publicised to make it easier for local elected representatives to politically promote their energy efficiency projects.

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