The study is conducted by the A.F.T.E.R. association: Association pour le Financement de la Transition Ecologique et de la Rénovation Thermique.

Moreover, a Steering Committee is in charge of the operational management of the study. Its role is to supervise the conduct of the study, manage the relationship with external consultants, assess the quality of deliverables, and to make adjustments on the terms of reference if necessary. The Steering Committee meets on a regular basis.

Specific working groups have been set up on each of the key issues addressed by the study. The study is structured around 4 working groups:

  • euro-compatibility;
  • technical eligibility;
  • financial structuration;
  • a legal analysis of projects.

The A.F.T.E.R. association is working with GLOBAL WARNING (energy & finance strategy), Carbone 4 (carbon strategy) and Lefèvre Pelletier & associés (law firm) to conduct the project. The working groups are also supported by a significant number of experts.

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